Interview with Pete Sandoval

Previous to their three dates in Colombia, Pete «Commando» Sandoval was gracious enough to answer an exclusive interview for our country, in which he addressed in a very open, frank and honest way his personal belief and his new-found religious faith for the first time ever, and how it has helped him to have new hope in life. And if you want to listen to a him explaining it a bit more, you can do it here.
(Puedes leer la versión en español aquí).

Pete Sandoval, al "commando" de los tambores

Pete Sandoval, al «commando» de los tambores

1. November 13th, 2014, marks the 25th Anniversary of Terrorizer’s World Downfall. You were already playing in Morbid Angel, Terrorizer had already dissolved and the other band members were reunited once again to record the album. Tell us a bit about those recording sessions. What was the easiest and the hardest thing to accomplish during those recording sessions?

– For the most part it was actually very easy because we knew all the songs already, we were prepared, there was not a difficult thing to accomplish there.  We recorded it in less than a week not knowing or anticipating the impact it will have in the  underground music in the future to come….

2. With Jesse Pintado’s untimely death, many of us thought Terrorizer had come to an end. And yet, back in 2009, you decided to re-activate the band. What was the main reason for that?
– Well, it had to be done!… I came across Jesse Pintado  many times and we had always discussed  about making a new album, the love for the music of Terrorizer still dwelled in us, so finally the right time came  and we did it.

3. Anthony Rezhawk and Katina Culture (both from RESISTANT CULTURE) composed and recorded the songs for “Hordes of Zombies”, but you’ve been touring with Lee Harrison (MONSTROSITY) and Sam Molina. Will it always be like this? Do you see them in a future Terrorizer studio recording?
– I could not possibly tell you what will happen in the future. I’m living day by day and I know I’m moving forward.  For now I’m playing with Lee and Sam.  God only knows the future.

4. With 28 years behind the drumkit, you surely are always in search of new grounds of experimentation, challenging yourself to find more possibilities for your instrument. The “Sandoval plays Mozart” video comes to mind. What other mixtures of music have you tried recently? What other fields of music woud you like to explore with your instrument?
– Actually I haven’t done much since I had my back surgery back in 2010, I’ve been slowly recovering all this time.  In fact I didnt even expect that I would return to the scene and play my drums again, I barely did Hordes of Zombies back in 2012 because I was still hurting. Things changed for the better last year when I got together with Lee Harrison and Sam Molina and started  playing Terrorizer music, did a few a shows and now we’re in the processs of writing new material.

Pete "Commando" Sandoval

Pete «Commando» Sandoval

5. We all know the health issue you’ve had over the last years, with the surgery you had to go through back in 2010 and the slow recovery process since then. How did this experience affect your personal views on life and your involvement in Metal?
– Well, it really hurt that my whole career had to come to a complete end due to my herniated disc.  During the months and years that followed I succumbed into a huge depression and an overwhelmed desolation being left alone not knowing what I would do next in my life; just imagine all what you have worked for all your life and suddenly you can’t do it anymore, your body is not able to do it again…..It’s terribly depressive, agonizing; your most terrifying and dreadful nightmare now becomes a shocking and horrific reality!!
During these hard times is when we come to realize who our trully friends are….not many really; everybody is unto themselves only!..self ambition, greedy, envy, coveteness etc. is what dwells in their hard and corruptive hearts……friends of this world need you and care for you when and if you are useful to their own personal interests and success only, otherwise you just don’t’ exist for them anymore..such has been the case of my life…..
But nontheless the greatest thing that ever happened to me while going through all this desolation, pain and affliction was that I  found and met God  the creator and possessor of all things and He has revealed Himself to me in great manner.
He helped me to recover and to heal, he conforted me and gave me new life and hope for my future! He made me feel not alone ever again!..He is my friend and my helper!…For ever!
He made me view life in an entirely different and awesome new way.   I realized that without Him we are nothing here on earth, just a vapor that appears for a little while but then vanishes away!!!…..Also we’re all lost and heading into a road wich seems right to all of us but the end of it is the end of death; and unfortunately the majority of human beings are heading that way, very sadly.
I believe only God can rescue us from such terrible and horrendous destiny; a world of darkness, a path of uncertainty, deceit, perdition and ultimately a path of
destruction for our lives.  And it’s happening all around us everyday….This false world system is a completely  bad influence and a terrible, destructive addiction for millions of us young and old especially all of our your children!….
Family, friends, neighbors, parents, teenagers, children, animals, nature, etc….hundreds of lives are being destroyed each day either by hatred, pride, discord, cruelty, selfish ambition for money, power and fame, drugs, internet, crime, war, alcohol, pornography, stds….etc, etc…and these are all weapons of God’s adversary, our enemy Satan the god of this world whose only objective and purpose here on earth is to steal, kill and destroy.

6. You played for a long time in a band known for denouncing Christ and/or Christianity, and then we learn from David Vincent that you have “found Jesus”. What sparked this discovery? How did this happen?
– As I mentioned before I have indeed found the Lord Jesus Christ and I believe he’s the son of Almighty God «Jehovah» and he is my Lord and savior!   I certainly believe that Jesus is God manifested in human form!…I believe!…Why? because I have felt and experienced his powerful and peaceful presence; his glorious spirit which has led me to understand of his ways and of his  wonderful promise!, because God is spirit, the spirit of life, because God is life, no fear of death for it is only a bridge unto eternal life!….and what a precious gift that is and it doesnt’ cost us anything, it’s for free!….But we have to ask and seek for it with all our heart though…..
I tell you it is the best that can ever happen to anybody living in this corruptive, lost world without any hope.  God is our only hope, He delivers us from this world of perdition and gives us his light which can open our eyes and hearts to be able to discern the true because we live in this world ruled and controlled by Satan(the god  of this world)whose only sinister and diabolic plan is to keep us all blinded to the truth, to the reality of things happening each day in this worlds’s system of greed, self-indulgence, corruption, lies and deceit…he doesn’t want us to be interested in the things of God…because he knows that God is the only one who can rescue us and save us from his infernal, malevolant plan….
Oh well, just a little bit of what God has given me  to know and to reveal…….

Pete, redoblando y atacando

7. You have witnessed many bands rising and falling, with many a change in the Metal scene and music business alike. How do you see the situation for newcoming Extreme Metal bands today?
– I have not much to say about that, sorry.  I have been stuck  in my own secluded world for so long, recovering and healing from my internal and external wounds…..
Well, now my interest is not on the things of this world anymore for they are only temporal but on the things of God which are eternal.   I do listen to all kinds of music like clasic rock, 80’s metal, classical music, oldies and I still love some genuine, original extreme metal music though, I’m just not into that satanic, negative, destructive stuff that the world is in……the path which leads to destruction of our lives……….Well, what else can I say????

8. Recording techniques have also changed and improved, with the drum sound now being a key factor more than ever. Based on your personal experience, please give us your input on the subject.
– Ah man,….I can’t harldy remember my  last real proffessional recording. It’s been such a long time……..I really haven’t done much of it for years, you all know the times and years I’ve been out from MA, and not active……But good thing is that I’m back and stronger than ever!  Thanks God for that…)

9. What do you miss the most from the old days?
– I miss my life in California from 83-88’s mostly……My family, my early years of learnings on drums, very close and dear friends I had like Tony(MDS), Hector, Oscar Perales, Ismael, Jesse just to mention a few.  I miss the times when  I met with Jessy Pintado(RIP) and Oscar Garcia and started Terrorizer , such memorable and glorious days those were!…If I had a chance to do it all over again I will definitely not hesitate to…
And of course I miss not making the right decisions for my life when I had the chance to….Too many bad, unfortunate and dreadful decisions we make in our lives that we wish we could go back and change things around right????……Well first of all I believe that without God’s wisdom, guidance, help and direction for our lives,  we’re all lost!….the road I spoke  of it earlier…..and sadly our children are following our same paths too… many lost innocent lives and no one is wishing to care and believe about the message, the hope and the promise of Jesus Christ who is the only one who can save us from all that is coming  from the god of this world system:  the lier, the deceiver, the destroyer…..Common you all!  open your eyes!  Think about your children… don’t hand them over onto the hands of Satan, he will defiitely destroy their lives absolutely!….just look and remember what has happened to family members and friends of yours all your life, the devil has  taken their helpless poor lives…..Save your children from the hands of the enemy! …the ways of this trecherous false world system!…..Seek God and he will save you along with your children and your children’s children……Amen  🙂

10. The lyrics in “World Downfall” described the horrors of consumerism, multinational corporations and the enslavement of humns through mass media communication. It looks like this situation is worse now than it was 25 years ago. How did you imagine the future back then? How do you see it now?
– I didn’t think much about it before…I know it’s much worse now and it’s going to get worst and worst because the bottom line is that this earthly civilization is coming to an utter end, it will be completely wiped out and a new and godly one will be put on to live and rule on earth instead because at the end good will prevail over evil… I believe it because the bible tells me so.  The holy bible, the word of God, the book which tells what is going to happen in the future!… The book which the devil doesn’t want you to read  because it is the only way how to know God.
Thank you very much!…:)

Sorry for the delay…..See you all soon!….
Pedro «Pete» Sandoval

Puedes leer la versión en español AQUÍ

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7 comentarios en “Interview with Pete Sandoval

  1. Completely awesome interview ,its absolutely awesome that Pete and GOD are close friends now !Everything Pete said has the signature of the Holy spirit and its great that such an intense personality has been so enlightened by the one and only true living GOD!

  2. Pete is a wonderful and awesome man. He truly believes and has come a long way in life. What he is saying here, he says to me (and everyone he comes into contact with) in person. He is someone who is kind, loving, caring and is truly genuine. May God bless him and us all!

  3. «Amazing Grace oh how can it be that you my King would Die for me». Amazing truths being spoken now thru the Lords vehicle known as the Spirit, Body and Mind of one Pete «Commando» Sandoval. Truly Amazing.

  4. I haven’t checked in here for a while because I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are great quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

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